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_Hello, welcome to my website. I make noises. Sometimes in front of people. Sometimes I bring them together and put them in squares and rectangles. I like feedback. I enjoy accidental things. Aside from occasionaly tinkering with percussion and make-shift electronics, my primary noise-making device is the electric guitar, and the core of my music practice is devoted to developing personal approaches to playing it.


_Guitar mangling noise-troubadour and outsider recording artist,* Benjamin Whitehill, has been skirting the periphery of the Berlin experimental underground since relocating in 2011, sharing stages with various free-improvising noise-heads and continuing to craft a particular brand of lo-fi bedroom music.

_Whitehill *employs the instrument as both sender and receiver of signals, come vessel of disturbances. Combining a technique focused on the textural / percussive with devices and preparations, in the conjuring of a pseudo-tape music - comprised of oblique strings, feedback, radio-waves and electronic pulp - buzzing with mischievous voices; in tune with the cosmic microwave background.


Born in the deepeest, dullest suburbs of London. Studied in Newport, South Wales, on an art-school based music degree geared towards lazy musicicans - learning to be properly confused. Moved to Berlin. Developed music practice in exponential harmony with surrounding noise. Lives in a small cave that smells of curry.


Insta: @bastardraag