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scree fucking junk, Loophole, Berlin 2018 (Photo by Joel Peck)


Scree fucking junk: Drone/Noise/spoken word duo of Isaac Ray and Benjamin Whitehill. Taking their name from a film by Jack Wormell which explores a piece of wasteland under a system of flyovers in greater London, the group’s sound, like Jack’s film, stems from a fascination with waste - wreckage of the everyday; an examination of the textural aspects of large scale constructions; an augmentation of lo-fi aesthetics to the point of sumptuousness. Toxic drones, agitated noise and derelict poetry; oppressive yet ornamental. A lo-fi ritual of volotile vibrations, which, if properly conducted, should allow access to dingy, chthonic realms of stained psychedelia. 

Scree Fucking Junk | 11' 27'' | 2014 | Image: Jack Wormell | Sound: Benjamin Whitehill

“This film is a low-resolution video examination of a fairly useless piece of land and the curious assortment of objects that have been left there. It has a groaning, rusty, dissonant soundtrack by Benjamin Whitehill. I had driven past the space in north London hundreds of times before it really caught my eye. It seems to exist only because of the roads and walkways that enclose it; a riposte to the idea that cities are supposedly built out of rational planning. This seemed to be an irrational place, a hangover from logic that had no purpose, unlike the functional structures that surrounded it. I made the film to reflect this: outside elements creep in at the edges of the frame; picture and sound drifts independently of each other at times. The film moves forward, but its purpose is unclear. Play loud please.”


2014 After Xmas Short Film Madness, Porto


hand developed 16mm rushes of a park | 3' | 2018 | Image: Jack Wormell | Sound: Benjamin Whitehill

Temporary Tripods | 8' 20'' | 2017 | Music: Benjamin Whitehill